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Harrison Crow started this blog and podcast in an attempt to make millions of dollars, but instead he just got stuck with Matthias Kullowatz. The two of them, along with Drew Olsen, banter on our podcast---found on both iTunes and Stitcher---about a sport played with a ball and mostly with peoples' feet, cleverly called "football." We focus on MLS and the US National Team, and how to apply statistics to a game that is so fluid. Enjoy the podcast and the site!

If you have a submission, question, or just want to talk to someone about the site, reach out to Drew. 
Twitter: @analysisevolved


Harrison Crow writes things from times to time while he's not watching everything and anything available on Hulu and Netflix. Also a known Meghan Trainor fan.
Twitter: @harrison_crow

Matthias Kullowatz lives in Portland, Oregon, where he currently teaches math and statistics at the University of Portland. He enjoys both nerding out on sports, and actually playing them, too. Anything with a ball is fair game.
Twitter: @mattyanselmo

Drew Olsen met Matthias in college, and begrudgingly agreed to be his friend. He met Harrison via Skype, and it was love at first sight. Drew's day job is as data nerd for Democrats running for Congress, and because of his great hair and frequent injuries, he considers himself the Stuart Holden of the DC adult soccer leagues.
Twitter: @drewjolsen


Kevin Minkus lives near Chicago and recently graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with degrees in mathematics and economics. He really enjoys using numbers and statistics to explore questions about anything. To date, his crowning soccer achievement is beating Dennis Hamlett in air hockey, and he hopes to one day have the chance to beat Jason Kreis in ping pong.
Twitter: @kevinminkus

Bill Reno typically covers goalkeepers unless someone is offering money to write about something else. He was first invited into the ASA brotherhood when the original core all bonded over their passion for numbers and how tall their respective wives and girlfriends were. Since then he has dabbled across the internet, mostly covering American goalkeepers at Everybody Soccer and Soccer Over There.

Jared Young hasn't given us anything to say about himself, so we're just going to make fun of him for being a Union fan.
Twitter: @JaredEYoung

Sean Steffen is an analyst, scout, and Phantom Menace apologist. His interest lies in discovering, innovating and perfecting ways that clubs can use analytics to better their team. When Sean isn't working on a study, crafting player evaluation tools, or maintaining his scouting database of South and Central American players, he can be found blabbering on the ASA podcast with his good buddy Harrison.  
Twitter: @SeanSteffen