Last Chance to Win MLS LIVE 2014 in our Prediction Contest! / by Drew Olsen

First Kick is imminent! Get 'em in! For the first two weeks of the season, we are running a prediction contest to see who can best pick MLS and CCL games. If you answer the most total questions over the next two weeks, you win a subscription to MLS Live 2014. 

Only followers of American Soccer Analysis on Twitter (@AnalysisEvolved) will be eligible for the prize. We are doing this for two reasons: One, shameless self-promotion (well, we feel some shame, but we’re doing it nonetheless), and two, simplicity. We do not have to collect anybody’s name or personal information except for their Twitter handle (though if you have a Twitter account, let’s face it, you’re probably begging for the world’s attention anyway).

Now I’ll shut up and you can get to picking…

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