American Soccer Analysis Crowd Sourcing Results / by Drew Olsen

To all of you that expected this on Friday, I'm sorry. We (collectively) hit publish on the Portland Timbers and then went directly into Opening Weekend vacay mode. Matthias left on a jetplane and, as coincidence would have it, so did I. We both unplugged and got as far away from a computer as one could in the greater Northwest area. With that we kind of forgot to set-up something that would go into the specifics of our Crowd Sourcing project that we had previously promised would be out on Friday. My apologies for that as we want to make sure you all have the access to these numbers that we gather. That's really our primary goal for everything that we do. Below is a screenshot of the data as we have it on the website. It's just a small clip of everything and later I'll upload the actual excel spreadsheet from SurveyMonkey so that others can play with the data and get a better way to look around the data if that's what they plan on doing.

Eastern Conference
Western Conference

*For the team previews, we just used a denominator of 404, even though there were (somehow?) a different numbers of votes for teams within the same conference.