Welcome! / by Harrison Crow

Do you remember a long time ago, like in November, when I had said that we were working to develop something soon? Well here it is. This is soon by our terminology.

You may or may not have noticed you can actually read what I am writing without squinting or feeling as though your eyes may bleed. That is because you are looking at the new and improved American Soccer Analysis site. Complete with readable font AND sortable tables for your viewing pleasure.

The site itself is a great upgrade over our old Wordpress house; the real perk of the transition though is the foundation for future growth. Our future goal is to provide you with a database of events that encompasses as much of American soccer as we can track and monitor. We want to work with analysts at the MLS, USL Pro, NASL levels and an assortment of proprietary data companies in the effort to build an open community that is interested in growing soccer analysis beyond what it is today.

We've only just celebrated our one-year anniversary, but in that time we've been seen by more than 25,000 sets of unique eyeballs. We have more projects, ideas and visions to keep us pressing forward and we hope that with your help we can achieve them all and that much more.

As always we welcome any help that we can get. We're constantly on the look out for writers, DBA's, graphic artists and just people in general that don't mind looking at a screen and collecting data for processes that we haven't automated.

Seriously, we did some great things last Winter in building up an MLS player shot database for the 2013 season. That was done by people that had 15 minutes to kill every so often and access to a computer with internet. Nothing all that special. We would love to go back and accomplish the same for the 2011 and 2012 MLS seasons. This is free information that we want to compile for everyone, and in the process, aide us in learning more about the underlying trends of soccer.

Enough of the campaign spiel. Here's to a bright + shiny new site!

- Harrison

Twitter: @Harrison_Crow
Email: farfromport@gmail.com