2nd Annual ASA prediction survey / by Drew Olsen

By Drew Olsen (@drewjolsen)

Last February we polled our readers to ask how they thought the final 2014 MLS standings would look. You can see last season's results here (major props to the three people who predicted DC United finishing atop the Eastern Conference).  We had a lot of fun conducting this survey and revisiting it at the end of the season and seeing how everyone's predictions differed or coincided with reality.

So much fun, in fact, we're doing it again! So take our survey below! Tell us how you think the 2015 MLS standings will look once all the games have been played. It should be pretty obvious, but just click and drag the teams into the order that you see the teams finishing in. We'll publish the results in about a month, and then look at them again once the season is finished. Good luck!