Updated Playoff Seeding Projections by Matthias Kullowatz

We have updated our playoff seeding projections on our web application, which show the probability that each team finishes in each playoff seed postion within its conference. We have done this in years past, but dedicated fans of the site will recognize that this is a bit earlier in the season than usual. Some tweaks to the predictive model have allowed us to publish meaningful predictions sooner! I’m here to tell you about those tweaks.

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Model Update: Coefficient Blending by Matthias Kullowatz

With our most recent app update, you might notice that some numbers in the xGoals tables have changed for past years where it wouldn’t normally make sense to see changes. As an example, Josef Martinez had 29.2 xG in 2018, but updated app shows 28.7 (-1.7%). No, this is not an Atlanta effect, though I can understand why you might support such an effect. Gyasi Zardes lost 0.5 xG as well (-2.4%), and no one dislikes Columbus.

We have updated our xGoal models with the 2018 season’s data, and that is the culprit of all the discrepancies since the last version of the app. I have already cited the largest two discrepancies by magnitude, so this isn’t some major overhaul of the model. In fact, only 2018’s xG values have been materially adjusted.* The new model estimated 35.6 fewer xGoals in 2018 than it did before, equivalent to a 2.8% drop.

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