ASA Podcast XCIII: Mr. Pibb, Wingers and Sad Sounders / by Harrison Crow

This week’s podcast is a bit short on content meaning we owe you... and trust me when I say, we’re good for it. We’re lining up guests over the next few months that we hope those of you that tune in will enjoy.

But for this week we talk for a minute and half about Mr. Pibb, the evolution and death of the Winger as well as just pointing out that the Sounders are bad, and various things that aren’t so bad. We also have this 3 minute thing that was ill advised, where we lump the rest of Cascadia into the conversation which will almost certainly in turn net us some hate mail/tweets.

Please rate us on whatever listening platform in which you prefer and we will be back in the coming weeks to discuss whatever strikes ours or your fancy. Send us emails on questions you have and if there are enough, we may even do a “mailbag edition”