Weekend Kick-Off: Round 29 by Harrison Crow

This week we inch closer to what the playoffs might look like coming November. Though it's not that we don't already know what the picture looks like. I mean, even going by last week's odds, I think we all were sitting in the same situation we were back in 6th grade watching 'Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?' as they reveal the third piece of the puzzle and we're all pretending as if that wasn't the Eiffel Tower in the background… “guess we need one last piece, huh!”.

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ASA Podcast XIX: The one where we talk ad nauseam about Landon Donovan by Drew Olsen

Okay, so Drew came up lame with a sore throat, leaving Matty and I to fend for ourselves and sending the podcast into a downward dive/30-minute discussion about Landon Donovan. We follow that up with another 30-minute discussion about the CONCACAF Champions League (CCL). At some point, in perhaps a show of solidarity or more likely a show of that pessimism that could come only from a couple of Mariners fans, we projected good things for each other's club. I for Portland, and Matty for Seattle.

Despite advertising a 2nd segment as a discussion about MLS front office personnel decisions---regarding past players and whether or not we'll see any future Ivy League day traders being hired into technical director positions---we had to cut the segment from the podcast due to mass overages in the first segment. We hope to pick up the nerds-vs.-jocks  talk next week.

This is one of our longest running podcasts at 70 minutes, but it's still a good one.  I hope you enjoy!