Watchability Score

This weekend's most watchable MLS games by Harrison Crow

If you haven’t read The Watchability ranking overview... please go do that now and then come back here and read this. Okay? Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you.

(taps foot)


Okay you done? Don’t lie to me, did you read it? Okay, good.

Now, this might seem obvious but the scores of each team are combined and then divided by two, giving us the total game score. The higher the score the higher probability the match will be enjoyable to watch. Likewise the lower the score the high probability it’ll be... well, probably less fun to watch.

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Perfecting Our Watchability Score by Harrison Crow

This is a simple request that you would just take a moment to rank the games in the survey below in the order of the most entertaining. This is to help me work out the kinks in our Watchability Score, which in turn helps predict the best games to watch for the weekend and maybe prepare you for your club playing a bit of a dud or perhaps a nail bitter.

If you didn't watch every game this weekend that's okay. I'd encourage you to still rank the games based upon how the score ended up any highlights or comments you heard surrounding the game. Your decision to dock points based upon tissues issued is up to you, that's not yet been a factor considered....emphasis on YET.