ASA Podcast LXXIV: The Sound of Names Dropping / by Harrison Crow

By Harrison Crow (@harrison_crow)

We get back together and discuss... well, all sorts of things. Mostly people that we know that we hang out with or are doing pretty cool things. 

Benjamin Harrison gets a nod for our dinner.

Kevin Minkus is mentioned for his great work towards teams and how long it takes to mesh together. This is referenced as we talk about coaches down playing their team comradery as they approach the CCL matches.

I give a shout out to Dave Clark for attention.

We mention our very best Canadian Brenton Walters.

Then we just have name vomit as we talk about Michael Caley's super cool piece, Danny Page and Alex Olashanky....and Jared Young and our site's very best editor of all-time Drew Olsen.

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