ASA Podcast LXXXVII: Goalazo Higuain / by Harrison Crow

Harrison and Sean return to conquer your hearts with a thrilling rendition of why they dislike Graham Zusi versus the alternatives of an unproven, yet exciting creative talent and then a 17-year old fresh off his prom (NEVER ACTUALLY MENTIONED IN THE PODCAST, FAIL!) with Sean bringing some fresh numbers and perspective.

Talk continues around Argentina, their ELO, ELO in general and then Harrison provides a pretty simplistic bottom line of what the US defenders need to do to prevent goals (besides get lucky).

The duo bestow some thoughts concerning the NYCFC attack, Mike Grella, compare the sunk cost fallacy to Lucas Melano and then discuss what Portland would do if they had to replace Adi... (actually there is no answer, it would just suck a lot).

Lastly, they discuss a bit of the Amway Canadian Championship final, first leg and discuss Michael Bradley in a thrilling return of the superlative game.

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