2019.E20 - Atlanta Finally Won Something (Again) / by Harrison Crow

It’s not every week that we talk about Atlanta winning a trophy. Just twice this month, to Ian’s absolute delight! The team break down some of the various particulars of the US Open Cup final and some of what went wrong for Minnesota as well as what went right for Atlanta.

The conversation is then turned to the review of LAFC-LA Galaxy and the possibility of a playoff match up as well as the outlook of the Western Conference. Could Zlatan have enough at the end to lift LA Galaxy past LAFC? How much are LAFC favorites out of the west and what does the new playoff system favor? What are some better playoff methods?

Lastly, the podcast team dives headlong into the top of the Eastern Conference and specifically chat about why Philadelphia isn’t considered more by the media as a possible 1 seed out of the East. They come back around to Atlanta and also talk about why NYCFC is the most favored by our model and why it might slightly be discounting Atlanta.

As always we take listener questions and discuss a few closing topics including one that we tuck away for this off-season. If you have a question or want to propose a topic for our podcast in the future use the #AskASAPod on twitter or hit us up on the email.

Intro Music: Let's Go Get The Goal (MLS) - Don't Kick The Baby

Outro Music: Hi Ho - The War and Treaty