2019.E21 - Having Mauro Manotas vs. eight million dollars / by Harrison Crow

Is LAFC still good??? It’s these types of tantalizing topics that are always explored and quickly answered on this podcast. The team does discuss Mason Toye and his career projection and wrap up some of the more interesting issues left over from last weekend, such as when will the Galaxy ever defend again? Things change gears as the team also looks into why Houston would keep Mauro Mantos over having eight million dollars in transfer fees.

We of course also hit the listener questions. Which, say, are you sending us questions? Are you using the twitter hash tag? #AskASAPod. Live it, love it, use it! Or hit us up on the old e-mail we’re listed in the contact us page.

Intro Music: Let's Go Get The Goal (MLS) - Don't Kick The Baby

Outro Music: In The Fog, In the Flame - Bec Sandridge