If you hover over the World Cup 2014 link in the upper right, you will see links to team and player output from the 2014 World Cup. These statistics mirror those that we provide for MLS, except we've added a few new ones like "Poss3rd%." This refers to the percentage of a game's total number of completed passes that are completed within the attacking third by the team in question.

We have also added data about unassisted shots and rebounded shots. An unassisted shot (UnAst) is pretty self explanatory, but rebounded shots (RebF or RebA) require a quick explanation. For shooters, a rebound forced represents a shot on target taken by that player which was saved or blocked, but was good enough to produce a follow-up attempt within five seconds. For keepers, the definition is nearly the same, except it's rebounded shots allowed.

The Expected Goals 2.0 method is applied to the World Cup using data from MLS to value shots. Though it may seem like this would skew the output since the quality of play differs dramatically, the coefficients for calculating Expected Goals are actually quite similar between MLS and the World Cup. A simple stat that hopefully suffices to quell the rebellion brewing in your mind is that MLS teams tend to finish just more than 10% of all shots, while World Cup teams have thus far finished 10.1% of all their shots (95% CI: 8.6% to 11.6%).